Benefits of Wood Doors

  • Pride of Owernship
  • Added Value for the Investment
  • Better Home Appearance
  • Improved Welcoming Feature of Your Home
  • Fewer Replacements -- Wood Doors last 3 to 4 times longer than steel or fiber
  • Prevent Dents and Rust -- Common with steel or fiber
  • Sell Faster -- Homes with a Wood Door sell in Half the Time
  • Earn More -- Homes with a Wood Door average $4,000 higher selling prices
  • Demonstrate Quality -- Homes with Wood Doors mean Quality!
  • The Tree Farm Act in 1941 and The Sustainted Yield Management Act in 1944 were passed to plant more trees.
  • Forest growth exceeds removals by about 35%.
  • About 3 billion trees are being planted in US Forestland every year.
  • The growth of 1 pound of wood absorbs 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and releases 1.07 pounds of oxygen, hence controlling the carbon cycle.
  • Wood requires solar energy (a renewable source) whereas steel and fiber doors require mining, coal burning, and other similar non-renewable enery sources!
Help us support the environment and provide long-lasting value to homeowners -- Buy A Wood Entryway From Moulding Associates today!