Alpine Collection doors are exclusively designed with Mother Nature's own distressed wood. Using the part of the timber that expresses the remarkable characteristics of naturally distressed wood, the Alpine Collection products are perfectly suited to your home. Whether you have a cottage or a castle, you can rely on the beauty, stability, & quality of an Alpine door.


Now you can be weclomed home to the warm straight-line design of Alpine Collection's Craftsman Style doors. Available in two heights and width options with optional dentil shelf, these doors combine the unique characteristics of Alpine's Andean Walnut with a style that has earned it's own name: Arts and Crafts. Does your home ask for the Craftsman's touch?

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  Welcome to the warm, straight-line design of an Alpine Craftsman style door. Available in 36" (shown) and 42" widths. Rectangular units in this style and dentil shelfs are an option (shown).