Hardware Options

MAI offers a wide variety of hardware options, from the added security and performance of the multi-point lock to the basic value of standard hardware used with a double-bore.  See below for details and examples of the different hardware available, or select one of the links to jump immediately to that section.

Multipoint Lock | Multipoint Handlesets | Standard (Tubular) Handlesets

Multipoint Lock (see sidebar on right)

MAI proudly features the TrilleniumTM 3-point locking system by W&F as an available option for all our doors.  This system features a latch at the top, middle, and bottom of the door that operate just like any standard handleset--just press down the lever, and all three latches operate.  With a simple turn of the key (from the exterior) or thumbturn (from the interior), all three latches extend into deadbolt position, spreading the strength of your entryway along the length of the door and increasing security.  The cutting-edge design also features beveled top and bottom latches and 2-piece strike plates with ball bearing rollers that ensure smooth operation and help to keep your door squarely in the frame, improving long-term performance of your entry system.  For double doors, the inactive door can be secured by an optional 2-point mechanism (recommended) or interior-mounted surface bolts.  The 2-point mechanism is fully concealed in the door, and operated by simply turning the thumbturn on the interior of your inactive door's handleset.

Multipoint Handlesets

 MAI offers handlesets from three manufacturers that are compatible with the W&F TrilleniumTM multipoint mechanism.



To view the entire collection of compatible Emtek handlesets, click here.

Rocky Mountain Hardware

To view the entire collection of compatible Rock Mountain handlesets, click here.

Standard (Tubular) Handlesets

This is only a small sample of the styles available.  To view Emtek's complete collection, visit their website here.