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Benefits of Wood Doors

The MAI collection provides a range of distinctive options from which to choose to express your personal sense of style. From classic mahogany to the rugged look of the Alpine collection, you can count on MAI to provide the unique look you're striving for to make a great first impression for your home.

MAI believes that everyone, including the home owner, the home builder, and the conservationist, can benefit from the wisdom of choosing wood doors for their homes.

Wood is a natural insulator, providing 1,100 times the insulating value of aluminum. And the natural beauty of wood makes it a natural choice by the finest distributors, builders and home owners. Make a great first impression with your quality MAI-brand wood entry door to provide a warm welcome to everyone entering your home or business.

Home Owners

  • For home owners, distinctive, quality wood doors not only add to the appearance of homes, but they also convey a feeling of warmth, hospitality, and genuine pride of ownership.
  • Wood doors add prestige to any residential application. A beautiful wood entryway can add substantially to curb appeal of the home.

Home Builders
  • Homes with wood doors convey to the potential home buyer quality materials, construction and value.

  • At MAI, we strive to protect the environment by using sustainable resources and working with suppliers that practice responsible harvesting and forest management.