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Three deadbolts are better than one!

3 Point Lock System - 3 Point Automatic Latch - Multipoint Door Locking System


The unparalleled 3 point deadbolt locking system:

  • Automatically and independently engages at each latch with a unique, patented design.
  • Does not require lifting of lever to engage all 3 locking points, just one motion to lock and/or un-lock the door.
  • Has multipoint latches that extend to 3/4" (20 mm) and become deadbolts automatically when the door is closed.
  • Locked by turning the thumb turn 90 degrees inside or with key outside.
  • Is constructed with Stainless Steel in critical areas for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Incorporates a U.S. Cylinder with standard Schlage "C" Keyway. Available in complimentary trim styles and finishes.

High-Quality Multipoint locking hardware, Multipoint door locking systems, Multipoint locking three-point locks from MAi.

Available on many qualifying wood exterior doors.

Three Locking System Styles

Multi Point Door Lock Includes:

  • 3 Point Lock Mortise Gear
  • Complete Installation (plunge mortise and drilled)
  • Lock Strikes (finishes: Dark Bronze or Satin Nickel)
  • Temporary Construction Handle (non-locking)

3 Point Door Lock - Multi-point Door Lock

Installation includes Temporary Construction Handle

Last Note:

Our new 3 point locking hardware is the most secure multi-point locking deadbolt system available on the market today. With a multi-point lock mechanism and multi-point lock handles (sold separately) you will have comfort and security knowing you purchased the best 3 point locking hardware system available to you. Available 3 point locking door hardware systems for all exterior wood door sizes, door heights, and door swings. 3 point locking systems help to prevent warping for taller wood doors and ensures weather tightness.

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