Service & Maintenance

At MAI, we are committed to providing our customers and dealers with all the necessary information and resources to allow you to maintain and service your door properly and ensure long-lasting performance.  See below for various maintenance and product service instructions.  If you aren't finding what you need, please contact us at and let us know.



To ensure long-lasting beauty and performance, the finish on your wood door must be maintained properly.  The frequency of maintenance will depend on the overhang protecting your door, the direction it's facing, and the overall amount of exposure to the elements.  Inspect your door at least once or twice a year.  Once the exterior finish begins to lose some of its sheen compared to the interior finish, replenish the topcoat by following the instructions (here).



For instructions on reglazing a door or sidelight, click (here).  

In the event that you are troublesheeting air and/or water infiltration or for instructions on adjusting or replacing the threshold or weatherstrip, click (here).

For instructions on replacing the slab/panel or hinges, click (here).

For instructions on replacing the astragal or flushbolts, click (here).

For instructions on replacing the clavos, straps, speakeasy or speakeasy grille or for reglazing the speakeasy, click (here).